White Bass vs Striped Bass | The Difference Between White Bass and Striped Bass

Striped bass and white bass are almost identical fish to see. They both live in the same water and have a lot in common structurally. Surprisingly, they are one in appearance but completely different in terms of species. So how do you differentiate between white bass and striped bass? You can easily differentiate between white bass and striped bass through today’s article.

White Bass

  • Description: White bass are freshwater fish. Many of the white basses are marine fish. Stripped basses, white basses being one of them. Most basses gradually fade to olive or gray-blue, and the silver or side part is compressed to white. The face of the white bass is almost vertical and relatively small in shape. Usually, there is the presence of teeth at the base of the tongue of the white bass.
  • Size: An adult white bass can grow up to 18 inches. However, most fish are within 14 inches. These fish grow very fast and survive for more than 6 or 7 years.

Striped Bass

  • Description: The striped bass is one of the largest members of the marine family. At the same time, the striped bass includes a member of the Sunfish family, the Centrarchidae. The striped bass lives in both freshwater and saltwater water environments. However, many striped basses complete their entire life cycle in freshwater. They are mainly found more in the tributaries of lakes or ponds.
  • Size: Striped basses can grow from 10 to 12 inches in the first year. Male striped basses usually mature in two years and female striped basses mature in three to four years.

Difference Between White Bass and Striped Bass

If you catch any one of the white and striped basses and can’t be sure! So notice the signs of the fish caught. The striped bass has a strong, clear horizontal stripe, which reaches up to the tail. On the other hand, White basses have much more pale strips and only one of them usually reaches the tail.

Many people think that it is very easy to differentiate between striped bass and white bass. I also agree with you. It is very easy even in the eyes of newcomers. If you want to differentiate between white and striped bass, first look at the size of the body. Then it will be easier for you. However, this is not the only difference between them.

white bass vs striped bass

If you are absolutely sure, open the mouth of the fish you hold in your hand. If you only notice one single patch, make sure it’s a white bass. And if you find the existence of a double tooth then it is definitely a striped bass. Both white and striped basses have sandpaper-like tooth patches that help them eat and hunt.

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Are White Bass and Striped Bass the Same?

In short, NO. Although striped basses and white basses look almost identical, they are completely different in terms of species and family. Surprisingly, both of them are found in the same water.

Are White Bass Good To Eat?

In short, yes. White bass is great for the fish fry. The white bass is very tasty to eat. However, some people do not like white bass. The only reason for this is the lack of proper preparation. To get the right taste of white bass you throw away the unnecessary part.

Is it better to eat striped bass?

The striped bass fish is very tasty to eat, healthy. This you will find in both fresh and salty water. The striped bass fish is known as rockfish. The taste of striped bass depends a lot on cooking.

Final Words

To find the difference between striped bass and white bass, look at the body shape, stripes, mouth and tail of both. You can easily tell the difference by looking at these. Let us know what you think of our guideline by commenting.

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