Sea Eagle 330 Review – Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Review

Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Review, If you’ve never imagined an inflatable kayak could handle whitewater rapids then you’ve never heard of the Sea Eagle 330 kayak which has a class III Whitewater rating. This inflatable kayak holds up to 500 pounds and is built to handle everything from Whitewater Rivers to crystal smooth lakes.

The 33 mil Polykrylar material can withstand rock scraping in shallow areas without injury to the vessel. Its unique design features two nearly indestructible rear skegs for ultimate tracking and speed. Novice and veteran paddlers alike rave about the performance of this inflatable kayak. This kayak can accommodate two people but this review is based on the solo version.

Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Review

Most Portable Kayak

  • Exterior: 11′ 2″ x 34″ / Interior: 9′ 6″ x 15″ / Tube Diameter: 10″ /…
  • Hull Weight: 26 Lbs. / Capacity: 2 Adults or 500 lbs.
  • Material: 33 mil Polykrylar / Seam: High Frequency Welded / Floor:…
  • Inflation & Assembly Time: 6 mins.
  • Whitewater Rating: Up to Class III
Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak Pro Solo Package

Technical specification:

  • Length: 10’10
  • Width: 25″
  • Weight: 26 LBS.
  • Max. Weight: 500 LBS
  • Product Dimensions: 134 x 34 inches
  • Deflated: 24″ x 16″ x 7″
  • Person Capacity: 2 Adults
  • Whitewater Rating: Up to Class III
  • Hull Weight: 26 Lbs

Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Features

  • 5-Tube I-beam Floor: The floor was reconstructed from a 7 tube I-beam floor to 5 tubes. This really improved the paddling performance of the Sea Eagle 300 kayak. Kayakers now sit higher and most of the weight is supported by the floor as opposed to the side chambers. The larger I beam tubes also have more rigidity, being larger. This new feature has improved the tracking and speed of the kayak making this an ideal choice for long-distance paddlers.

  • Two Rear Skegs: Also offering improved tracking and speed are the two skegs molded from incredibly durable plastic. This design is similar to what you would find on a surfboard so that you can go longer and faster with less paddling effort, offering more opportunities for day-long trips.

  • Deluxe One-way Air Valves: The inner diaphragm allows air to be pumped in without escaping when you remove the pump to close the valve. The larger opening makes for faster inflation and deflation. Also included are moulded O-rings with a tether that keeps them attached so they will not be lost. Seal it with the outside cap for the ultimate tightness.

  • Lightweight Construction: Weighing just 26 pounds, it packs down small enough to fit the inflatable kayak, the deluxe kayak seat foot pump, and the repair kit in the smallest of vehicles.

  • Additional Features: Inflatable spray skirts to keep you dry on rough waters and an extra thick Polykrylar hull that is resistant to sun and saltwater damage. Bow and stern grab line for easy pulling in and out of the water. Also, the Sea Eagle 330 kayak comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is the best warranty, we could find for an inflatable kayak.

Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Customer Review

The Sea Eagle 330 kayak received great reviews from many of its owners and us. The following is what customers love about the Sea Eagle 330 kayak.

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Ease: Everything about the Sea Eagle 330 kayak is easy. It is easy to set up, easy to transport, easy to store, and easy to deflate. Most importantly, it is easy to paddle and customers love that as it allows for them to take long leisurely trips without the added stress of extra rowing keeping the boat in a straight line.

Self-prescribed old-timers that are accustomed to hard-shelled kayaks note being pleasantly surprised by how the Sea Eagle 330 kayak handles in all types of water.

Some customer tips for setting up:

  • Follow the inflation guide carefully to be assured the boat sits easily on the water.
  • Watch the how-to video on the Sea Eagle website regarding using a hairdryer to get the valve rings installed properly the first time.

Durable and Versatile: Accounts of gravel, stones, and driftwood encounters found the Sea Eagle 330 kayak victoriously puncture and leak-free. The Sea Eagle 330 kayak holds its own on whitecaps, tracks well in large bodies, and maneuvers efficiently in small canals. It’s nice to have the perks of an inflatable kayak without limitations as to the type of body of water it can be used on.

Customer Service: In the few cases where there were manufacturing defects or missing parts, the Sea Eagle company went above and beyond to have the parts shipped immediately at no extra cost or hassle to the customer.


  • Sun and saltwater resistant hull
  • Two skegs for better tracking
  • Comes with foot pump
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty


  • Seat is not great
  • No Carry Bag: It’s tough to find a con for the Sea Eagle 330 kayak. In fact, through every review, the only thing close to a complaint was the few cases of a defective product and that doesn’t even really count! It does not come with a carry bag like most other inflatable kayaks on the market but no one seems too inconvenienced by that.


The Sea Eagle 330 kayak review is pretty close to a sure thing. It’s versatile enough to enjoy the serenity of calm lakes or the adrenaline rush of the white caps. It’s a great all-inclusive starter kit for a beginner who does not want to invest upwards of a thousand dollars in the hobby.

Yet, the affordability does not take away from the quality. The Sea Eagle’s 5 tube I-beam floor makes it incredibly stable on the water and easy to get in and out of. It’s small and light so you can keep it in your trunk all the time and still have room for groceries.

That way when you get off work, you go straight to the water and unwind. At only 26 pounds one can easily hike with the Sea Eagle 330 kayak in their pack and the included foot pump makes for quick and easy inflation. This kayak will have you out doing some hassle-free paddling in no time. We would recommend this kayak to beginners and experienced kayakers.

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