How to Hold a Fishing Pole | Best Tips For Beginners

Now we are going to know inside out how to hold a fishing pole. It is not very difficult to learn. Fishing is an amazing experience, but others do it as a hobby, while others take it as a profession. Fishing is a game of patience and expertise. Choosing the right gear for phishing is also very important. Anglers value these things, so they spend most of their time on the right kind of fishing gear. Besides, it is essential to learn the basics of fishing.

While all fishing gears are in good condition, you must know how to hold the fishing rod properly. You can learn precisely how to hold a fishing pole through this post, which will help you witness a memorable experience. Before that, I would like to start with some crucial tips. So let’s move on …..

Parts of a fishing pole

The first thing I will introduce you to is the fishing rod. There are different types of rods, but some significant parts are unchangeable in all of them. Each of these parts plays a fundamental role, so it is imperative to keep an eye on each of them. So you can follow the breakdown below.

Butt cap

This part is usually present on the top of the rod or around the handle of the rod. It is designed on the bottom, middle, and end of the handle. But caps are made from a variety of materials. 

Most conventional materials include rubber, aluminum, wood, and plastic.


The handle is the part where your hand rests while holding the fishing rod. The handle is made of foam and sometimes cork. The area of the handle of the fishing rod plays a significant role in catching a fish. It would be better if you kept this in mind while buying a Fishing rod. Because if you don’t have fun holding the handle, you won’t be able to take a good fishing advantage.

How to hold a fishing rod

Since you know about the fishing rod’s necessary parts, catching the fishing rod will be very easy. So let’s move on to the step-by-step guide about that. Our guide will help you to have a great experience.

Stair-1: Wrap your fingers in the handle

Holding a fishing pole rightly is much more than getting an outstanding catch. Helps To hold it, you have to take it in hand first and put the needle on the rod. Also, make sure that the needle is in the handle area and press your fingers on the handle. The rod tries to extend from the extreme.

Stair-2: Place your pink under the reel stem

As an angler, you put your hand on the fishing pole. Want to get comfortable leaving. Hold the fishing rod, knowing where your hand should be.

For the first step in learning how to hold a fishing rod with a spinning reel, you may want to slide your hand’s pink under the reel stem.

Stair-3: Place the bottom palm on the fishing pole

The first step will help you to catch the grip of the perfect fishing pole. Remember that you will need to bend your finger towards the tip of the hand you will place under the fishing pole if you do this.

Stair-4: Forefinger positioning on the fishing rod

Next, keep the rod straight’s arrow point straight, which will help you a lot in catching an ideal grip. Gently hold with the fingers of the left hand and keep that hand in front.

Take the finger position with the speed of taking the fish bait in the mouth. You have to change the speed of the left hand to understand the rate of the fish. However, you have to hold it firmly with your hands. On this activity, you will get the perfect grip experience.

Which hand will hold the fishing pole?

The edge fishing rod should be placed on either side of the fishing rod, depending on the hand you are holding. That is because the fishing reel handle should be on your right side (which is more substantial). However, if you are a left-handed person, you can keep the bang aside because his hand is trying to determine which is dominant.

Pro tips for Beginners

The tips above may not complement your experience with fishing poles. For those newborns who are looking for something new out of the above tips now, these additional tips will help even more.

When you are sitting on a fishing pole and waiting for a fish to bite, make sure that the left hand is in front of the rail before following the right hand.

Keep in mind; your hand line is always responsible for managing the phishing pole properly.

If you are behind a fishing reel, you will need to apply more energy, which is very important to remember. It will rock you with fish. However, in this case, it is very comfortable to lift the fish from the water.

If you keep the fishing reel out of hand, you will probably lose much intelligent fish.

Note: The first time, you will never get everything right. Because this is the time to accumulate experience, and it happens to all newcomers. There is no substitute for continuing to practice to strengthen all your skills.

The way do not hold the fishing pole:

You should never hold two hands together in one place. That allows you to apply energy to the rod. Notice, if a healthy fish shake you, what would be your condition? At the first jolt, the rod will come out of your hand. 

At the same time, you will lose both the rod and the fish, which will make you very disappointed. In such a situation you will lose both time and money. So, don’t hold the fishing rod in such a way.

Final words

You always have to be determined. Being a beginner does not mean that you cannot do the job correctly. You have to remember that those experienced now also started and did not experience in one day.

The more you practice, the more your skills will improve over time. In this way, you will be able to play with professionals one day. Once you get used to fishing, it will be effortless for you to catch the fishing pole.

Then start today without delay. Good luck to you.

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