How To Fish in Breath of The Wild

Everyone in Lal in the village is a chump this family enjoying a quiet dinner.
There chumps Jessica you are a chump and then there’ mobs biggest chump of them all. So why is everyone a chump well because this is a fishing village with all those fancy fishing equipment.

When all you really need is some air in your lungs and a song in your soul Reddit user charlie boy 95 found this really simple exploiting breath of the wild. Where basically all you to is whistle and fish just come to the shore so why this works whistling. Basically a face all enemies and animals and breath of the wild and when the fish hear a whistle. They have run away from you.

so views cry owners to get right behind some fish and whistle in front of them. They are gonna swim right to the shore and start flopping around honestly. Charlie boy this is kind of ingenious now this doesn’t work on every single shore.

I found those some fish will just kind of clip into the walls and never return. So make sure it’s kind of a flat surface that you are guiding them into but this is not even a glitch. It’s just fun exploits. someones found it two years after the games released and look how many fish ty boy got. In fact, we want to see how many fish you can wrangle up in one gar. Share your clips and images too at game explain on your social profile.

How to Fish in Zelda Breath of The Wild

Many animals can be seen wandering Hyrule when you explore in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Some will be enemies that can attack you. When you get close but some will be creatures that can be killed and used in recipes. One of the most widely found in bodies of water is fish such as Hyrule Bass. Catching them is simple and can be achieved in a very unorthodox manner.

Once you’ve caught a trout – a pond just west of the Temple of Time is a perfect choice. You’ve got two choices. The first and easiest thing to do is to put a grenade in the water above them. Press L to keep it above Link’s head and then press R to toss it. When it arrived, click L again to detonate it. Then leap into the water to see the fish swimming on the surface of the water. Only pick them up like you would any other thing and begin your adventure.

Alternatively, you should only dive in and swim in the direction of a fish and pick it up. It will help to dash the X button, and all you need to do is press A to pick it up when prompted.

This is how you capture the fish in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For Details Click here

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