Crappie Fishing in Florida Is Essential For Your Success

Crappie is probably the most popular fish in Florida. They are delicious table fare, easy to catch, and fun to pursue.

Crappie is found in lakes and rivers across much of Florida. They prefer clear water with a lot of structure for cover and plenty of food items like minnows, shrimp, crayfish, and insects. The best times for crappie fishing can be when the water is dirty or stained. Heavy rains from thunderstorms also stir up bottom sediments that provide food for the fish, so they tend to bite better after a heavy shower as well.

Crappie Fishing Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks – Here are some tips to help you catch more crappies:

1) Use a bobber stop when fishing deep with live minnows or tube baits. This will keep you from snagging up every piece of structure as you drift along;

2) When using jigs, try shifting the angle of the hook point just a bit to gauge how it affects your bite rate.

3) Try using an umbrella rig to reach down into deeper water without getting snagged on a structure.

4) Always change bait colors after a good fish bite so that more fish don’t begin following your scent trail and become spookier due.

What lures work best for crappie?

Crappie lures are basically a combination of the jig and plastic worm.

1) The most popular way to fish for crappie is by using light-colored jigs tipped with minnows, crawfish or shrimp. You can also use tube baits in pink or orange that simulate crayfish along with small spoons and spinners. Crappie often bite better on cloudy or rainy days than when the water is clear!

2) In rivers where there’s deep water near shoreline structures, you can try an umbrella rig (see illustration above). Basically, it’s a mainline only about 30 feet long and then a bunch of short dropper lines running off from 3 to 4 feet up from.

What is the best time of year to catch Crappie?

The best times of year for catching crappie are in the spring and fall. They will bite well thru much of the winter but not during hot summer days when the sun is beating on them. Summertime can be a good time to fish for jacks, as they seem to become active earlier than adult females.

Another important tip is that moving water pushes baitfish against cover where crappies tend to be lurking, so you’ll want to use heavier lines than usual because of additional drag from your baitfish. Always try different colors and sizes.

how to catch crappie
Crappie Fishing

How do you catch crappie in Florida?

1)If you’re fishing in a lake, use small jigs tipped with minnows, crawfish or shrimp. Crappie often bite better on cloudy or rainy days than when the water is clear!

2) If it’s flowing water you like to fish, then try umbrella rigs or trolling crankbaits along creek channels and deep shoreline structures.

3) In rivers where there’s deep water near shoreline structures, try an umbrella rig (see illustration above). It’s a mainline only about 30 feet long and then a bunch of short dropper lines running off from 3 to 4 feet up from.

Is there a size limit on crappie in Florida?

There is no size limit for crappie in Florida. However, when fishing tournaments, the minimum length before the fish can be kept is usually 12 inches and maybe longer in some cases. Also, there are some areas where there’s a slot limit on crappies.

Where do I need to have my license?

You must have your license with you anytime that you’re fishing. This applies not only to saltwater but also to freshwater fishing as well!

What types of bait should I use when crappie fishing?

Crappie will attack most any kind of minnows or worms fished right under their nose, so you don’t really have to specialize too much – just go out and try.

What is the best bait for crappie?

It depends on the situation. By far, the most popular bait is live minnows fished unweighted, but jigs work great too (especially if there’s a strong current). Crappies love to eat aquatic worms as well and will often bite after a heavy rainfall or even right before it rains.

What should I use for bait when fishing for crappie?

Live fish are the most popular way to practice the catch-and-release of these tasty sunfish. Small shad, threadfin shad, bluegill, and other panfish work great. You can also use artificial baits like small spoons or spinners with wiggly tails that simulate crayfish.

What is the best crappie rod?

The CR5 ultralight is also strong, and catching fish more significant than crappie with this rod is no problem. However, this very same mild behaviour makes it a crappie killer that might not be suitable for other fish species. The CR5 is a severe rod at a bargain price and if you are looking for a best crappie rod, then the CR5 is a great choice.


From the article, you can learn how to catch crappie in florida rivers and lakes. The most important is to find the right bait and time. Crappies are a variety of fish that are quite common and available in most lakes and ponds. People usually wait till the frozen winter season is over before trying their luck at catching these beautiful creatures because they inhabit colder areas during this time of year.

Since there are so many species, you may have a problem identifying them because some species resemble each other. But don’t fret! It’s highly recommended that you take your time with crappie fishing rather than rushing things as long as you know what kind of species is living in your area, making it easier.

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