Best Time of Day to Catch Bass

The sun is low, the air is cool and the fish are biting. You’re in that peak time of morning when you find your hook just barely submerging into soft morning water can produce bass after bass.

Like a barometer, the bass is a creature of habit and follows a routine. To create successful patterns, you have to understand that routine. By catching fish at the same time every day for several days in a row, you can then establish where prime fishing spots are located. The best times of day to catch bass have everything to do with the habits of the fish and your ability to succeed at catching them.

Best Time of Day to Fish Bass

During Prime Season Bass are generally more active during prime season, which is from mid-spring through summer. The time of day when they’re most active depends on their usual routine and where they spawn in relation to the sun. When it comes to fishing bass, what time of year you catch them is critical.

While many fish are active at night, bass fishing requires a different pattern during prime season. Bass spawn inlets and other areas of the water nearest to shore around sunrise or sunset because they need to get back into deep water before they can be preyed upon by larger fish [source: Meck]. While spawning, they become more aggressive and easier to catch.

So, while bass are easy to find in these parts of the water, they’re not as active during the day. The same is true for fish that live in lakes or rivers with a fast current. In these locations, bass don’t feed as much during the day and will move closer to shore at night or during sunrise and sunset.

Bass fishing is most profitable when you have a clear idea of where your target fish are at any given time. To succeed in catching bass, you need to identify their prime locations and the best times of day to catch them there. After all, if you’re not on location at the precise time that they’re active, you’re not likely to catch much fish.

Bass require a lot of food to survive and grow, and they are active both day and night. But after weighing all the facts, we’ve found that the best times for catching bass really do depend on where they live.

New bass fishing techniques

Tips: If your fishing area is a lake or river with a strong current, you can still catch bass at night by using a large amount of squid- or minnow-style bait and letting it drift slowly along the shoreline.

If your fishing spot is near an inlet or other area where bass spawn in shallower water, try casting during sunrise and sunset to get your hook into the right location.

Use artificial lures when fishing during prime season. The bright colors of these attract the attention of bass, and their action is especially realistic to the fish.

best time to catch largemouth bass
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Do fish bite in the middle of the day?

Yes, sometimes, but usually it’s after sunset or before sunrise that the bass bite.

Fish are fish and they feed differently at different times of the day… if you want to catch them then you must learn when they are feeding, and then go find them.

How do you catch bass during the day?

The best time to catch bass is during the twilight hours, at or just before sunrise or at sunset. This can be an excellent opportunity for young persons who cannot fish all night long. Bass will often bite most actively when they are feeding on bluegill and perch which feed heavily in shallow water just after the sun goes down.

What month is best for bass fishing?

Spring and summer are the best months to catch bass. Bass is also a year-round sport.

How long do bass keep biting?

Bass will bite for about as long as the sun is up and then stop when the sun goes down. They may start feeding again during twilight hours or after dark if the moon isn’t bright, but you will need a light to see what you’re doing.

How do you catch large bass?

Go with a larger lure and use live bait on the bottom when fishing in deep water. You may also need to reduce your casting distance if you are using a light line or small lures. These tips apply to largemouth bass and smallmouth bass as well.

What time do largemouth bass eat?

Largemouth bass, as well as other fish, will definitely eat at night. They are nocturnal feeders, and their eyes are more sensitive to light than during the day. That’s why if you happen upon a school of bass and turn on your light, they will scatter. If you approach too quickly during the day or have your light on too long, they will react similarly. If you have sensitive eyes and are walking through wooded areas at night, the lights from flashlights or kerosene lanterns will also spook them.


In this post, I have talked about The Best Time of Day to Catch Bass. It is important to identify your target fish’s prime location and best time of day to fish for bass in order to succeed in this sport. Based on my research, the best time for catching bass depends on where they live. It is also important to note that fish will eat at night or in the middle of the day so by all means, you must learn when they are feeding and then go find them.

Last but not least, fishing can be a great family activity if practiced responsibly. It can provide opportunities for young persons who cannot fish all night long. Let this be a lesson to all you youngsters out there. Happy fishing!

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