Top 7 Best Bank Fishing Rod Holders for Catfishing

You are looking to replace your current rod holders for bank fishing as they don’t seem to manage the stress from hard bites. You mostly use your traditional or homemade fish rod holders for fishing catfish or carp. 

But the heck is- carp or catfish can hit like a freight train, and your conventional bank fishing rod holder just falls apart due to the hard bites. In the worst cases, you may experience losing your whole rod (if our assumption is not wrong). 

Regarding this, you should pick a rod holder that is sturdy, durable, and can handle big bites. Fortunately, we researched some bank fishing rod holders that serve your purpose. Therefore, they are portable, and you can carry them wherever you go. So, let’s check out the list. 

Top Bank Fishing Rod Holders

After delving into hundreds of products, we found these bank fishing rod holders sturdy, functional, and portable. Without further ado, let’s check every detail of each rod holder. 

Best Spring Loaded Fishing Rod Holder

Best Multiple-Rod Holder

Best Single Rod Holder

Best Spring Loaded Fishing Rod Holder
Best Multiple-Rod Holder
Best catfishing rod holders

Omni-directional adjustable rotary knob

Soft cushioned cradles

Thick aluminum shaft with a tapered point provides confidence

Easy setup

Sturdy steel construction and a rust proof powder-coated finis

Simple lever locking mechanism

01. Coolnice Rod Holders for Bank Fishing

When you want to enjoy ground fishing with the most sturdy fishing pole that is compact yet flexible then we recommend you with the coolnice rod holders. 

The best part of it is to come with the Omni-directional adjustable rotary knob, making its head easy to fix to any direction you want. Again, the manufacturer designed it in such a way so that you can easily prepare it for folding, storing, and transporting wherever you want.

Afterwards, we looked at the size of this bank rod holders and we found it is almost 1.5″ wide. That being said, it is pretty accommodating and great for casting and spinning. 

The U-tapered shape works like a gem as it can easily slide into any space. The maneuverability knows no bound while as you may insert it into rock crevices to mud wherever you want.

Fishes You May Catch:

While inspecting these rod holders, we find it as an ideal pick for picking up flathead catfish. Apart from that, you will find it great to pick up small sizes of bass, crappie, and trout. 

02. Bank Fishing Rod Holder Ground for Bank Fish Pole Holder

If you want to experience the enjoyment of catching double fish at once, go for this Bank Fishing Rod Holder Ground. It comes with two racks to hold two fishing rods at once.

360-degree Omni-Directional Design is the best feature we love most. You can rotate the head of this holder around 360-degrees horizontally and 130-degree vertically. The nut keeps the pool held in place and easy access when you get the big bite. Indeed, you can land above 7lb carp on this with zero problems. 

Next, let’s move on to its construction. Each of the rods is made with stainless steel, making it durable and rust-proof. So, you can catch fish with them for years to come.

The universal fit of this rod makes it ideal for doing every type of fishing rod including, spinning & casting. However, you can go for the upgraded rod holder to make the rod more stable.

Fishes You May Catch:

This E-jades fishing rod bank holder is made of sturdy stainless steel. So, it can handle the weight of river fish like trout, salmon, shad, and striped bass. 

03. RITE-HITE Bank Fishing Dual-Rod Holder

Night fishing carries a lot of fun. But if you don’t have the right equipment at your fingertips, the fun activity will change into tears of your eyes. 

Fortunately, the Rite-Hite Bank Fishing Dual-Rod Holder is here to get you backed up. This rod holder helps you to keep 2-3 rods and a lantern secure for night fishing. So, you will never miss a single-night fishing trip and lose the enjoyment of catching fish at night. 

The remarkable feature we spot out is its soft cushioned cradles. It will stay safe & smooth to your fav rod and never paints off the rod finish. 

Afterward, let’s take a look at the built-in material this fishing rod uses. The dual-rod is made with rugged steel construction, which adds longevity and gives it a firm & stable look. In other words, it will serve you for many seasons to come and never fall off because of the weight of fish. 

Just plant this rod into the ground and start enjoying a hand-free fishing workflow. Therefore, it’s easy to transport & store. So, you can take it with you.

Fishes You May Catch:

The rod holder is sturdy enough to manage any hard bites and allow you to catch catfish, carp, and trout.

04. 2 pack-Dzmaker Upgraded Rod Pole Holders for Bank Fishing

Dzmaker 2-pack Upgraded Rod Pole Holders is just for you if you fish a lot or look for a rod holder for any bank fishing. 

Each of the two rod holders is adjustable and simple to get out of the holder when you get a bite. They put your rod out at a great angle. Indeed, it features a 360-degree Omnical Design, enabling you to rotate the holder in any direction (130-degree). And you can turn the head of the holder 360-degree horizontally. 

Two-rod holders seem sturdy and will not fall apart on you. It uses reinforced nylon as its construction material, giving it a firm & stable look. Though they are heavy, they will remain held in place when you get a big fish. 

Now, let’s mention how sturdy the tapered shape rod is. Every rod is made with durable stainless steel, and each of them is lengthened and thickened. So, you can plant the rod into the ground effortlessly regardless if it is sand, mud, rock cracks, or others. 

Nonetheless, you can carry the rod holder wherever you go. Due to its detachable design, you can fold it up and store it with ease.

Fishes You May Catch:

With this sturdy rod holder, you can catch large catfish, carp, trout, and small sizes of bass. 

05. Croch Fishing Rod Pole Holders for Bank Fishing

Make fishing much more enjoyable! These phrases go only with the Croch Fishing Rod Pole Holders. The fishing equipment is sturdy, easy to set up, and holds any fishing rods firmly. 

The unrivaled feature we spot out is its dentate groove design. Due to it, you can adjust the holder angle according to your need and lock the angle. 

When it comes to talking about its construction, you can hardly find a rod holder in the market that can beat it. The rod holder uses durable stainless steel to ensure longevity. On top of this, each end of the tapered leg is sharpened, making it a breeze to insert them into the ground like pebbles, rocks, mud, and sand. 

Therefore, the rod holders are rubber coated. In return, they prevent your fishing rod from slipping away and protect your rod to avoid scratching. 

Now, it’s time to focus on its fitment. The rod holder has enough space to fit a pole that is 1.5-inch in diameter. As a result, you can keep any rod holder in it for spinning and baitcasting.

Fishes You May Catch:

When we delve into every feature of this product & test it, we found this rod holder will be a perfect choice for carp fishing and catfishing from the bank. 

06. M80 TX 3 Pack – Aluminum Telescopic Fishing Rod

M80 TX Bank Stick 3 Pack Fishing Holder convinces us to include it on this list because of its telescoping options. You can extend it to every length you need for fishing from the bank of a river or sea. 

The notable feature of this rod holder that makes it different is its unique slit. Now, the fishing line can pass between the rod holders with minimum restriction. 

Three fishing rod holders are made of aluminum with a tapered point, giving the holder a sturdy base. In return, the rod holder can handle any big bites. However, we recommend you be careful when inserting the holder into the hard ground as it may bend due to its aluminum construction. 

You can collapse the rod holders to 22.5 inches, making it a breeze to take them with you anywhere you go. In contrast, the rod holders are extendable to 37 inches to place them on slopes and banks.

Fishes You May Catch:

These rod holders are sturdy and large enough. So, you can catch trout or other lake fishes with them. 

07. Automatic Double Spring Fishing Rod Holder

What if a rod holder automatically detects fishing bites and pulls up the fishing pole to land the fish for you? Then, Shackcom Automatic Double Spring Fishing Rod Holder is here to fulfill your dream. 

Every rod holder has two auto springs. The holder is super sensitive and has 4 level sensitivity adjustable. In return, it pulls the pole when the fish bites and lets you catch small & big fishes with no hand-touch. 

The breathtaking feature we spot out is- it fits any fishing pole because of its adjustable springs. You can load and unload the spring with a hooklet for effortless fishing. 

Now, let’s talk about the construction material of this rod holder set. The rod holder uses 304 stainless steel & rubber as its built-in material. As a result, it can resist corrosion, rust, and shocks to ensure durability.

Fishes You May Catch:

Due to its exceptional stability & sturdiness, you can catch both small and big fishes from the river bank or sea shore.

How do you use a rod holder?

Using rod holders for bank fishing is a piece of cake. 

You can get reels with bait runners that let the fish strip line stop the fish from pulling the rod into the water. 

When the fish bites, it will engage your drag at whatever your existing drag is. 

Otherwise, it is recommended to loosen up the drag to let the fish pull some line. Then, tighten it up when you are playing the fish. 

If you encounter some obstacles, tighten up the drag and use two bank sticks. Ensure you set a bank stick on the upper section of the rod and the second on the lower section. 

Keep your eyes on the second bank stick and grab a tent peg to hold the reel to the river bank. 

Still, you should be quick enough on your rod to stop the fish from breaking you off. 

How do you make a bank fishing rod holders (DIY Rod Holders)

It’s challenging to get a rod holder that meets your requirement. Of course, all the fishing rod holders we enlisted fit your rod & reel as they come with a universal fit. 

But the manufacturer doesn’t make any holder for the particular rod you have (they design for every type of rod holder). So, it’s a must to design your own DIY fishing holder to meet your exact needs. 

Here is how to make a homemade bank fishing holder with PVC pipe. 

First off, make sure you have these tools including PVC pipe, a pipe cutter, and a wine bottle. 

Measure your PVC pipe and mark where you want to cut the piece of pipe. 

Then, use the pipe cutter to cut the pipe. 

After cutting the pipe, use sandpaper to wipe out the excess PVC. Also, don’t forget to wipe off the edges of the PVC pipe. 

Now, take a sharpie and mark the pipe to drill a hole. Once you marked the cutting spot, use a drill machine to create holes with it.

Afterward, switch the drill bit to a half-inch drill bit and use it to create two holes. Ensure you make the hole on one side of the pipe.

Again, use sandpaper to make the edges smooth.

It’s time to take a ruler and mark a straight line at the end of the hole. It will help to let your reel sit throughout the pipe. 

And then, take a heat gun to heat the pipe to give it a shape. Once heated the pipe, push the wine bottle into the PVC pipe to make a shape like the head of the wine bottle. 

Next, run your faucet to wash the pipe with a wine bottle to cool the warm pipe to hold the shape. 

Finally, take the saw and cut through the straight line. Then, smooth up the edges with sandpaper


Buying Guide: What to Look Before Purchasing Bank Fishing Rod Holders for Catfishing or Others

Take a look at the following criteria to pick the right rod holders for bank fishing. 


The first criterion you must take into account is the material of the bank fishing rod holders you will pick. It doesn’t only determine how long the rod holders will last but also define how stable it will be. 

Ensure the rod holder you will buy used stainless steel, nylon, and rubber as the construction materials. Such a kind of fishing rod holder will last for a long time and resist rust & corrosion. 

Each of the rod holders we enlisted comes with a tapered shape drill rod that is made of stainless steel. Therefore, every rod holder comes in a sharpened end. So, you can insert them into the mud, cracks, rocks, and sand and the holder will remain stable. 

Don’t forget to observe the U-shape holder design. Make sure it is coated with rubber. Such a holder helps to prevent the fishing rod from slipping away and protects your fav rod to avoid scratching. 

Universal Fit

Always pick a bank fishing rod holder that has a universal fit. It is a must as you don’t only have a holder for a specific type of fishing rod. Instead, choose a rod holder that fits almost every fishing rod like spinning, casting, and spin-cast rod. 

360° Omni-directional Design

Ensure the rod holders you will pick come with an Omni-directional adjustable rotary knob. As a result, you can rotate the head of the holder in any direction (360-degree). On top of this, the adjustable knob will keep the holder firm and doesn’t come loose. Indeed, you can adjust the holder at any angle you need when fishing by the sea, lake, or river. 


Every fishing rod holder we enlisted is compact, foldable, and lightweight. So, you can store them in a backpack and carry them wherever you go fishing. 


A traditional rod holder doesn’t function for bank fishing due to the rocky river bank. Therefore, your conventional rod holder just breaks down when it gets big bites.

Luckily, the bank fishing rod holders we mentioned above are durable, sturdy, and can handle the hard bites from a monster catfish or carp. So, you can go for any rod holders we reviewed for bank fishing. 

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